Monday, 15 August 2011

The Goddess Experience

This awesome book was a gift from a very lovely lady at my hen party this weekend!   What a refreshing idea and an oh-so-me gift!

This is right up my alley!  Gisele Scanlon, of Dublin, writes and illustrates this awesome book of advice on everything she’s experienced first hand during her travels and time in the fashion industry.   Recipes, fashion tips, travel advice, beauty secrets and more.  

This little book of loveliness starts with Gisele meeting and interviewing none other than Vivienne Westwood!  It moves on to advice and interesting facts about perfumes and scents, including a list of the best perfume shops in Paris.  Beauty advice from models back stage at Paris fashion Week and inside info on latest trends and must-have labels.  Plus so very much more! 

What more could a girl want?!   

The Goddess Experience – Goddess Guide 2 - By Gisele Scanlon

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