Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Confetti Order of Service

I wanted to post this sooner but time just flies and the next thing you know you've been married for over a month.  I want to share this project with you which I, along with my lovely hubby, made for our wedding day.

There's no detailed instructions; the concept is easy... the most difficult part was getting the text to line up to the right position on the page.

Once you've designed the copy and images you want and managed to line it up correctly, you just print it onto regular tracing paper, fold and Pritt-stick.  Fill with confetti (rose petals from the garden dried between two sheets of tracing paper) and finish off the ends with pinking shears.  So easy and so effective.

We printed 'tear & throw' on the back just to be obvious about what we expected the guests to do with them!

Picture below courtesy of Marco Oliveira.

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