Sunday, 16 October 2011

Iced Cookies

So this is my newest project and I'd like you to witness my very first attempt at what I believe is called 'flooding'.   It's basically icing an outline and colouring it in - all with royal icing which hardens fairly quickly.  The colours I've used aren't ideal but I'm hoping things can only get better!

 It's just the most basic cookie receipe of butter, caster sugar and flour.   You can add some mixed spices or grated zest for an interesting flavour.
 Outline the edge of the cookie and fill in some of the middle.  I just used sandwich bags with the tip cut off.
 Use a toothpick or skewer to spread the icing to fill the ouline. 
 If you're using two colours, let the first one harden before using the next one or the colour will bleed. 
A cool idea is to put both colours on together and use a toothpick to give a tie-dye effect.

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