Saturday, 5 November 2011

Christmas Wrapping

I'm a horder of boxes, I admit!   But there's always a use for them if you wait long enough!  There's something about receiving a 'boxed' gift that seems extra special. With Christmas round the corner, it's the perfect time to get them all out and get wrapping! 

 Chocolate, tea and ring boxes, brown wrapping paper, double sided tape, wire edged ribbon, scissor, pinking shears and large glass of wine!  Measure out your paper to about 2cm wider than the box. 
  Put double sided tape all the way round the lip of the box.  Cut the corners to make smooth edges.
 Cut a 1cm edge with pinking shears, add double sided tape and fold down.
 Add a ribbon in the same way - one from each side and tie a bow.  Wired ribbon makes it easier to manipulate the bow. 

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