Thursday, 17 November 2011

Coloured Cookies

Tonight I’ve experimented with food colouring in my cookie dough.  Just a tiny drop kneeded into the dough until the colour becomes even.  

I played around with a few different types of cookies and came up with these. 

Heart within a heart:  You need two different sized cookie cutters in the same shape.  Cut a centre out with the smaller size and replace it with the same cut out in the dyed dough.  Press it lightly to join the two but it will spread and join when in the oven.  I found it easier to work on the centre shape first and then cut the cookie with the larger size. 

Double sided:  Next thing I tried was to layer the two colours of dough.  Roll each one out, place one on top of the other and use the rolling pin to help them stick.   Use your cutters as normal for double-sided cookies.

Roly Poly:  One step further, I did the same thing with two layers and cut the edges to make a rectangle.   Roll the dough up gently as you would a Swiss roll.  Once it’s in the log shape, slice to make your individual cookies.  Again, don’t worry about any gaps in the layers as they will spread and join when cooked.    

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