Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Glass Pebble Candle Jar

This is a very simple one to make and such a cute gift.   This is a jam jar I've used that has flat panels all the way around it.   This makes it easier to stick the stones although it does work on a regular round jar (you just have to hold the stones in place longer for them to dry).  These are glass pebbles with one flat side.  I bought them from Tiger but I'm sure you can buy them from most craft shops. 

It's nothing more than a bit of super glue on each stone, hold in place for a couple of seconds and move onto the next one.   A pretty ribbon to finish it off.   I have a tea light candle in mine although a chunky church candle would give off more light and last much longer.  

A few of these in different shapes and sizes would look gorgeous along the mantel piece.

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