Monday, 28 November 2011

Wedding Invite Bauble

This is a really sweet pre-Christmas gift.  This one is for my brother and sister in law.   As stunning as their wedding invite was, I'm afraid I chopped it up and put it inside a Christmas Bauble!   It's such a lovely ornament for their tree and something to remind them of their wedding every year they decorate!

It's just a clear plastic bauble from Poundland!  Cut the invite into pieces and shove them into the bauble - try to keep the important bits like names, date and place showing from the outside.   This one is decorated with the purple ribbon that was tied around the invite and the starfish charm that was attached.

Watch this space to see if I've managed to fit our tea towel wedding invite into a Christmas bauble!

This is another one I've made for friends of ours...

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