Tuesday, 6 December 2011


My first few experiences of making cake pops were not ideal; huge mess, crumbling batter, sticks coming out.   This batch was a hundred times better and I'm happy to say that they were delicious too!  They're quite simple when you've got the hang of it...

I cheated again - fairy cakes from the supermarket.  Crumble them in a bowl and add the icing. 
About half the icing to cake crumbs is usually enough.  Mix into a doughy consistency.  
Roll into balls about the size of a 50p coin. 
Dip the skewers/lollipop sticks into the melted chocolate and put into each ball.  Leave in the fridge for half an hour to harden.
Melt the 'candy melts' or 'chocolate covering' (available in the supermarket) and spoon onto each pop.  Swivel until the covering is just a thin coating. 
Sprinkle the hundreds and thousands right away - the covering hardens quickly!
You'll need a piece of polystyrene to put them in - a bag of flour works well - just poke them through the side of the bag.

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