Thursday, 1 December 2011


This one needs some patience but the result is worth it.   I definitely want to try this with vanilla sponge with each layer in a different colour.     For this time, it's just chocolate cake with white icing.

The layers were made individually (although I've just found this fantastic gadget online).  It's just a few millimeters of cake mix at the bottom of the tin so that the levels are nice and thin.   This is where the patience comes in: I only have two tins so had to do it in stages! 

Once your layers are cooled, separate the icing between them and spread to the edges.  Once they're piled on top of one another, use a piping bag to fill in the gaps between layers.   Smooth the edges with a spatula and you're ready to ice.   If you have an exciting inside (like rainbow layers) then it’s nice to have a simple outside.  I used icing sugar to dust this floral pattern with one of my cake stencils. 

And it’s as delicious as it looks too!!


  1. A good tip I've had since making this one is to put the cake layers in the freezer for a while to make it much easier to ice!

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