Thursday, 5 January 2012


I wanted to share a Christmas gift I made for my lovely sister-in-law.  She's just moved into a new house so I'm hoping they fit with her decor and make it onto one of her walls (landlord rules permitting!)

PVA glue is one of my favourite things and can be used in so many ways - this is just 'painting' over layers and layers of torn paper pieces.   The glue dries clear and then a layer of varnish seals it altogether.  Easy!
Use your imagination and you can try it on almost anything!!   Click here to see the decoupage cake stand I made for Christmas. 

These pieces are from a textiles brochure with gorgeous patterns and colours
 Remove the glass and backing so you dont ruin the glass
Layer the paper pieces and use plenty of glue
 Put a last layer of glue and let it dry overnight.
Trim the edges roughly and sand the edges (I used a hardcore nail file)
 A layer of varnish left to dry overnight...
 And there you go!   I used more of the textile pages for the inserts.

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