Monday, 27 February 2012

Cloud Cupcakes for New Baby

I made these to welcome the new addition to our extended family.  My cousin and her hubby welcomed Baby Forrest into the world last week and we all piled into their flat yesterday to see him!  What a beauty!


This is really the first time I've used this nozzle, my sister-in-law and I refer to it as the 'poop nozzle' because that's what it looks like when you ice a swirl on top of a cupcake!  It's just a plain round nozzle. 

The paper cases came away from the cakes this time (there’s a reason that happens but I can’t remember why!!)  So I just tied a little ribbon around each cake to hold the case in place.  these really help with the overall look so worth trying even if it's not to hold everything together!

If you have enough icing then spread a bit over the top of the cupcake before you start what I'm going to call the 'drops'.  It just means you won’t see any of the cupcake in between them. 


Start with a line of drops around the outside of the cake.  You'll have to do a tester on a saucer to get the right pressure, too much and the drop gets squashed; too little and it won’t stick to the cake. 

I've put a dash of icing in the centre so that the next row of drops is raised slightly.  Add the centre drop and something to decorate.   Your really could go to town on this one - what about a different colour for every drop?  You would just have to prepare a few different bags of icing for this.  If you're not so adventurous, just throw on a few sprinkles or other premade toppers. 


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