Sunday, 5 February 2012

Pink and Pretty Baby Shower

My sister-in-law hosted a baby shower this weekend for a lovely friend of ours, Carmen.  I had the pleasure of helping Jen with the decor and bits and, as always, we had so much fun doing it!

We started with a colour scheme of pinks, browns and whites and threw in some butterflies to bring the theme together.  The printables were all done with polka dots.

We decorated the main 'Sweets Table' with giant glasses and cake stands full of colourful sweets, cake pops, a rose covered layer cake and some delish cupcakes!   We had a seperate little table for the drinks which held our yummy jug of punch! 

Chinese lanterns were hung above the table and fabric bunting across the front.  
 This is my best batch of cake pops yet!  I did them upside down this time - so much easier than dealing with dripping chocolate and balls of cake that are too heavy for the pop stick.  Click here to see how to make these cake pops.  I placed each of these into a mini cupcake case with little hearts all over. 
And this is my cake!  So happy with the outcome but man it takes patience.  I do think next time round will be easier now that I know what I'm doing!   The cake is layered inside with different shades of pink and purple and the icing is a buttercream/cream cheese mix.  I did the icing roses in the usual way, there's a few fab videos on You Tube which show it clearly.  I used the open start tip with my Pampered Chef icing bottle.
 The topper is just stenciled words in pink cardboard stuck to cake pop sticks.   
 Jen made these gorgeous marshmallow skewers.  The marshmallows were dipped in chocolate cake covering which is the same thing we use for the cake pops.  Displayed in a jug of Mini Eggs - so pretty! 
 Jen made stunning cupcakes in jars as favours for the guests to take home with them.  She tied one of my hand beaded spoons to each one.  
 This giant glass was filled with bright pink raffia, lollipops and Love Hearts sweets.   
 Another cake stand filled with sweets which the guests took home in their 'building block goodie bags' (see them below)
 The drinks table with butterfly straws and polka dot labelled water bottles.  I got the idea for this 'Ready to Pop' popcorn box from the lovely Scissors & Spatulas site. 

We wrapped the cutlery in white paper napkins and a polkadot ribbon bow.  Amazing how a piece of ribbon can make something so simple look extra special.    
And here are the 'building block takeaway boxes'.  It means the guests are able to take home some goodies for hubbys and kids and it means the host isn't left with mountains of leftovers - there's only so much sweet stuff you can handle in one day! 
What a fabulous day!   Congrats again to Carm and Malcolm!  xx

***Please email me if you'd like any further info on party decor, favours (including the beaded spoons) and cakes/cake pops.


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    1. Thanks Debs. If you like the Loryn Loves page on Facebook then you'll receive all the updates. Thank you!! xx

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