Saturday, 17 March 2012

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift

If you still haven't got your Mother's Day gift, it's not too late!   Here's a quick and easy one that takes about 10 minutes!  

1.  Buy one or two jars of chutney - mine are just from the supermarket.
2.  Remove the front label but leave the ingredients label on the back.
3.  Cut out two heart shapes (or any shape for that matter) our of card and stick to the jars with double sided tape.
4.  Cut two circles of fabric or crepe paper.  I used a saucer as my template.  
5.  use an elastic band to hold in place and cover it with a ribbon. 

And there you go!!   


  1. These are great!!!!

  2. We love our little chutney jars - they are so creative and take pride of place in our kitchen! :)