Thursday, 12 April 2012

Glass Cake Cover {Upcycled}

Happy Friday everyone!  This ones a goodie!    It's a gorgeous cake plate and cover made with a glass salad bowl and drawer knob!  

I found the plate sitting alone on a shelf in TKMaxx, just waiting for a project like this!  The glass bowl is from a charity shop in Wimbledon.  

Mark where you want your hole to be for the handle to be screwed into.  Put an X of masking tape over where you're going to drill.

The drill bit looks like an arrow head and is specifically for drilling glass.  There are loads of tutorials online.  One suggested dipping the drill bit in turps every few minutes.  Keep your drill vertical with a firm hand but try not to push down too hard or the glass will crack.  

When you feel you're about to break through, start easing off so you react quickly enough to stop the drill from bashing the glass when it suddenly goes right through.  The drilling goes very sloooowly so be patient (or in my case, Husband was very patient).  I think it took us about ten full minutes. 

Screw your door knob in using a washer on each side of the glass.  I bought shorter screws so there wasn't a long one sticking out from the inside of the lid.   I guess you could hack saw the end of a long screw off (if that's even possible!).  

And there you go.  This makes such a great gift.  Everybody loves a one of a kind... Just tie a luggage label tag to the knob with your message.   And of course fill it with a cake!!  
Half the fun of this project is shopping markets and charity shops for the parts.
Next project is going to be a tiered cake stand so watch this space!!  

Please please post pics if anyone tries this!  The possibilities are endless! 

*** So excited that this cake cover was featured in the Pretty Nostalgic Magazine.  See more here.  

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  1. Wow, La, I was with you when you bought the plate and bowl and it's turned out so beautifully. Well done Angelface xxx