Sunday, 8 April 2012

Lovely Things: Green Wedding Shoes

Research is one of my favourite things to do - there is so much online and one blog always leads to another.  There's just too many wonderful ideas out there and so many exciting things to try.

Tonight I came across this beautiful blog called Green Wedding Shoes.  I've posted a few fun things below but you could spend hours browsing this blog!  Just click on the images to go through to the post.  

I love love love this giant paper rose - what a quirky take on a traditional wedding bouquet - great idea for photos and fairly simple to make
diy-giant-paper-flower tutorial

How fab is this giant string heart?   Lovely DIY idea for a wedding or dessert table backdrop.
DIY string heart art

This is so clever - there's just so much we can do with random things lying around the house.  They've made a table runner from duct tape.  Love the pink and red with it too!  
party table  


  1. Beautiful pictures! It's really colorful. Thanks for sharing this post to us.