Thursday, 26 April 2012

Oreo Cookie Balls

Ladies, another blog post from the super-talented Jaime... you're gonna love these...

I woke up on Wednesday morning with every intention of making Oreo Pops, all I needed to do was 'pop' out and get some lollipop sticks. One look out the window at the monsoon-esque weather and the Pops rapidly changed to Balls.

I started out with the ingredients below, in the end I used about 1 and a half packets of Oreo's and about 100g of cream cheese, which made 16 balls.

Break the Oreo's into pieces and chuck them in a food processor, or crush with a rolling pin in a bag, until they are finely crumbed.  Then mix in your cream cheese until you get a doughy consistency.  Roll into balls, put them on a rack with some grease proof paper underneath and pop them in the fridge to harden.

Next step, melt your chocolate covering and spoon over the balls, I used about half the block and still had some left to make rocky road for Miss D. Then back into the fridge they go.

I used white chocolate to drizzle over them, just to pretty them up a bit. Break up a little bit of chocolate, put it in a bag and melt it in the microwave, remember to take the bag out every 20 seconds or so and squish it up. Cut the corner off the bag and it's ready to go. You can reuse the drips, or keep them in a jar in the fridge like I do for Miss D.

And there you go, delicious Oreo cookie balls ready to eat, or wrap up and give to the neighbours like we did.

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