Monday, 30 April 2012

Pretty Peppermint Please!

I'm having a fixation with peppermint green right now!  It's so fresh and pretty - a perfect colour for Spring (when it finally arrives).    I've done some browsing this evening (during the latest episode of Greys) and look at all this gorgeous peppermint inspiration!  

I love this mint green wedding cake - need to learn that gorgeous icing technique!  
Found this on Dream Wedding Receptions.

Easy Being Green - This macaroon image came from Merriment Events

This pale green table cloth is just perfect with the vintage style theme and flower colours
This image came from United With Love

This mint green wedding invitation is so simple and so chic.  Love this website!  See here where I've shared some other fab ideas from Green Wedding Shoes.

And this peppermint piece is from Yours Truly!  Hubby helped me make this cake stand from a saucer and side plate I found at a vintage shop in Notting Hill.    


  1. I love this color! And that cake - wow!

  2. Sara, I LOVE your blog - such a clever idea - I've signed up for emails, can't wait for my daily inspiration boards. x

  3. Oh I love this colour, especially on that cake. I think it would also look really nice in jewellery or chinaware embelished with peppermint stones.

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