Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Marshmallow Sheep Cupcakes

Hi Everyone!  I'm sure you've noticed that Loryn Loves has been a lot more active on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter over the last couple of weeks.   This is all thanks to my lovely friend Jaime who has agreed to help me out with this side of things.  Along with her fab marketing skills, she's turned out to be quite the 'creative'!  See below what she's been up to today... So clever!  

I saw these adorable sheep cupcakes on MarthaStewart.com months ago and finally got round to trying them out for myself. I blame Loryn for my latest creative streak ;)

This was my first attempt at fondant modelling and I think it went pretty well, even my 1 year old (Miss D) recognized them as sheep.

I used gel food colouring to add a touch of brown to white fondant and moulded the sheep's heads by hand. Wrap clear plastic wrap around the board to make it easier to move them later. I added ears and little white balls for eyes.  Lacking an edible pen I touched the tip of the blue gel colouring to the white to complete the eyes. It helps if you make a little hollow with a toothpick to hold the gel.

I made two indents for the nostrils, again using my trusty toothpick and the wool is made from mini marshmallows cut in half. I spread a little icing on the cupcake, added the head and stuck on as many marshmallows as I could fit.
Ta-da!! Sheep cupcakes. If I can do it, anyone can :)


  1. Well done, Jaime! You've done a brilliant job. x

  2. Loryn, I have been checking your blog for some time now. Got details from your mother. You are doing a fantastic job. I enjoy every new item you place on your blog. You have such an extremely creative mind. Keep up the good work.
    Edna (works for you dad & mom)