Monday, 9 April 2012

Spring Easter Table

Happy Easter everyone!   I trust you had a fun and relaxing long weekend.  We spent time with friends and family and somewhere in between I was able to prepare this cheap and cheerful Spring/Easter table.   

The garland bunting is made from bundles of crepe paper which I will post tutorial on soon.  The cake is just a simple one layer vanilla sponge with butter cream icing in an in-your-face blue!  Click here to see a rose swirl cake I made for Carmen's Pink & Pretty Baby Shower.   

The Easter egg nests are made with Special K and melted chocolate.  Take a look at this tutorial from a few weeks ago.    The cake push pops were made from vanilla cake and butter cream icing.  I mixed multicoloured sprinkles into the icing which gives it an interesting texture and some colour.  (Note: difficult to pipe icing with sprinkles as they get stuck in the nozzles!).  Cake push pops tutorial over here

Sweets in glasses are so effective.  I got these really cute (free) Easter printables from  
Printables make great finishing touches to any dessert table and can pull a theme together.
I iced these cookies very last minute; you can tell from the photo that they haven't dried properly.   They're not my best I'm afraid but have a look here for some tips.  

This is an easy thing to do - marshmallows on skewer sticks.  I dip the ends into melted chocolate and then into colourful sprinkles, serve them in a jam jar of sugar - so simple!   The chocolates are done in plastic moulds; I did the milk chocolate first and let it harden in the fridge before doing the white chocolate.  

The circles on the table are just cardboard which I did to give the table a kick of colour.  The candy floss is just rolled into balls and stuck onto a skewer.  The multi coloured popcorn is easily done, see here and here for different ways to do it.  
The gorgeous flowers are from the New Covent Flower Market - I absolutely LOVE it there!

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  1. So beautiful, La. Wish I was there to try some of it. Looks delish. xx