Sunday, 15 April 2012

Teacup Candle: Perfect Gift Idea

Hope you've all had a good weekend!  Here's a simple one to start the week - a candle in a tea cup.  

I bought this beautiful tea cup and saucer from Columbia Road Market in East London.  A bargain at £1.50.  The candle is one I had at home - amazing vanilla scent.  You can find them for next to nothing at Ikea or even the pound store.   

I had to cut about a third of the candle off the bottom and then stood it in the teacup.  I put the cup with candle into the oven on about 150 degrees.  Keep an eye on it, you only want to melt it enough so the wick stays upright.  Let the cup stand for a few hours so the candle hardens.  

I just used super glue to attached the saucer to the cup.  
Wrapped in cellophane and a pretty bow - a perfect gift!


  1. Gee La, what a lovely gift. So clever! xx

  2. Wow, this is a really creative gift idea, never thought that you could use a tea cup in this way. Will keep it in mind when next time I'm having trouble finding a good gift for someone.