Sunday, 22 April 2012

A Very Manly 30th Birthday Party

I've seen this theme done a couple of times but the best one by far is this Ascots, Bowties and Cardigans party from Posh Paperie.  Their attention to detail is amazing!

So we tried our own Manly Party for my cousin's 30th - what a night!   The venue was the Telegraph Pub, a hidden gem on Putney Heath.  A traditional English pub with amazing old school decor that suited our theme perfectly!

We stuck to green and blue for the colours and went with all things bow tie, moustache and cigar.   We had chocolate cigar and moustache favours for guests to leave with.  There were moustache cookies and a tin of lollipops labelled '30 SUCKS'.
The cake was a chocolate and vanilla layered sponge with butter cream icing.   I designed the magazine cover and had it printed by Edible Cake Toppers.
I made a batch of photo props from foam board which made for some fab photos.   Hope you like...

We didn't have the ideal backdrop with the window but we did what we could by sticking photos of Steve and friends to it.  

You can see this party on Bird's Party Blog too.  Number 9 on their list of parties.


  1. Stopping over from Birds Party Link Party - I love it! I love how the guests were so into the photo props too! Nice job!

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