Sunday, 27 May 2012

Beautifully British Cupcakes

You'd have to have your head in the clouds, literally, to not have noticed the enormous variety of Union Jack paraphernalia on sale right now.   The whole country is gearing up first for the Queen's jubilee and then of course for the Olympics.   And there's plenty of red and blue to go around. 

So I thought a bit of patriotism for my adopted country couldn't go amiss... and this resulted in some rather interesting red and blue cupcakes. 

This is just a normal cake mix for a vanilla sponge.  I used a little less liquid than the recipe called for to keep my red and blue from mixing; I didn't want to end up with purple cakes!  

I split the batter in two and coloured with some red and blue. I always use more blue than anything because too little just turns the batter green. I've been using gel colouring lately which is so much better than ordinary liquid colour. The colours are way better and you need a lot less to achieve the same shade.  They're about the same price too.  

Put a dollop of each colour in your cupcake cases and get them straight in the oven. Don't give them any time to start mixing together. You could always give them a swirl with a toothpick for a different effect. 

I considered using two tone red and blue icing but thought it might be a bit much!  So white it was, topped off with some cute red London bus and phone box toppers that I found in Waitrose. 

I posted a pic of one of the cupcakes on Facebook and I've had such a huge response that I'm taking orders for the jubilee weekend!  Please email me if you're interested. 

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  1. Wish I was in London for the Jubilee weekend. xx