Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Chocolate Ganache Truffles

Jaime's been at it again - look what this clever lady's just whipped up in an afternoon... 

It all started when I found these cute little moulds in the 99p store. I was determined to use them and decided to try my hand at making ganache, which despite it's fancy name is really easy to make and just so tasty.

I used a dark mint chocolate to make the ganache and milk chocolate to make the shell, but you can use any chocolate, from white to dark and anything in between. As well as being able to add any flavourings or pieces as you see fit. So this is what I started with. Please excuse the mess, the counter you see is pretty much the extent of my kitchen, so it tends to get a little crowded.

Start by chopping or grating your chocolate into little pieces and put them in a bowl.  Pour your double cream into a saucepan and heat until it bubbles. I did a lot of research into what ratio of chocolate to cream to use and there doesn't seem to be any rule that I can see. For these I used 100g of chocolate to 100ml of cream.

When the cream is bubbling, pour it over the chocolate and stir with a whisk to combine...Yum!

Cover the bowl and put in the fridge. At this point the ganache is done, you can leave it as is in the fridge over night and roll into truffles the next day. I wanted my truffle centres to be light and fluffy so after an hour in the fridge I whipped it up with and electric mixer to stiff peaks. As the ganache becomes aerated it will lighten in colour, at this point it's really hard to keep fingers out the bowl (Mine and Miss D's) Look at all that chocolatey goodness!

This whipped ganache is brilliant for icing cakes instead of buttercream

I put this aside for a minute and started on the milk chocolate shells. I broke some milk choclate into a sandwich bag and melted it in the microwave.  Snip the corner off and it pipes nicely.  I piped some into the moulds and then used a brush to brush it up the sides. To get a nice thick shell it works better if the chocolate isn't too liquid at this stage. Pop these into the fridge to harden.

When your shells are hard, use a piping bag with a small round nozzle to pipe the ganache into them. Try not to get any air pockets doing this. Leave a little space on top to close the shells.

Use your sandwich bag to pipe chocolate on the top and smooth over with a spatula. Pop them back into the fridge for a couple hours until completely set.

The silicone moulds peel off really easily and 'Hey Presto!' delicious Truffles.

I only used about half my ganache, so tomorrow I'll probably roll some out by hand but I think I'll be dropping into the 99p store soon and getting some more moulds to make bigger batches.
Oh yeah and these definitely passed the toddler approval rating, so much so that she refused to eat anything else until she'd had one :)

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