Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Jelly Orange Slices

Hubby's been on a jelly making spree this week so last night we decided to try these jelly orange slices!    It's easier than it looks and there are loads of other instructions all over the internet.  

First things first, slice your orange in half and clear out the centre.  If you're as heavy handed as I am, you'll get a few slices from twice as many oranges!   I cleared out too much of the inside and ended up with a hole on the outside which, for obvious reasons, renders the orange peel useless.  

 Fill your cleared out orange halves with your jelly (follow the usual instructions on the back of the pack) and leave to set.    When you remove the oranges from the fridge, use your sharpest knife to cut the half in half!   And there you have it - jelly orange slices!

There's some amazing rainbow coloured slices others have done but I think this jelly watermelon slice from Gourmetmomonthego is too cool!! 

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