Monday, 7 May 2012

Nifty Storage Ideas

Living in London, a lot of storage is a luxury!   Thanks to the likes of Ikea, we generally get by but here are a few nifty tips of my own.   The idea is that you don't have to hide everything and these are not too bad to have on show in your home... 

Things like baking utensils, cupcake cases and cookie cutters can be stored in a row of jars - certainly not an eye sore and your guests will think you're a real Susie Homemaker! 

Why not store all your bangles on a kitchen towel or loo roll holder?  Perfect storage solution that will create more drawer space for new bling!   

This earring frame is a great idea and one you can easily make - just clip the wire mesh (from any hardware store) where the glass would usually go.  

I keep all my gift wrap in an old box that a case of wine came in.  That's just a clear file pocket stapled to the front for the leftover bits.  There's also this cool idea for storing wrapping paper.  

Now this one is hidden as it's not exactly pretty but it's absolutely perfect for all my crafty bits.   It's just a shoe holder that goes on the back of the door - I'm sure this one came from Poundland!

These are just clear sandwich bags.  I used a staple gun to attach them to the side of a book shelf in my craft room.  Easy to see the small stuff that would usually be lost in Tupperwares or tins!