Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Piggy Face Cupcakes

Another post from the lovely Jaime...

A while back Miss D and I were at a loose end one afternoon when I found a packet of cupcake mix and some leftover fondant in the cupboard. These Piggy Face Cupcakes are what we came up with :)

 Mix up your cupcakes and whack them in the oven...easy. Next colour your fondant (we used a smidgeon of  Sugerflair's Christmas Red paste) and knead it in. Sprinkle a little icing sugar on your board and roll out the fondant, I turn it a bit after each roll so that it doesn't stick. One of Miss D's juice glasses was the perfect size to stamp out my Piggy faces. Roll the leftover fondant into a long sausage and cut wedges to be the piggy nose. 

Stick the noses to the faces and make two nostrils with a toothpick. I used SilverSpoon's Writing Icing black to dot on the eyes.

Cut the tops off the cupcakes (if you need to) to make them flat.

And use a  bit of buttercream icing to stick your Piggy Faces to the cupcakes. A few sprinkles of edible glitter makes them super sparkly.
So quick and easy to do and a real kid pleaser which makes it a winner in my book :)

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