Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Strawberry Cookie Pops

Another post from the lovely Jaime...these look delicious!

 After the success of my Oreo cookie balls I started to wonder if anyone had tried the strawberry version. To date I have not found any online, so maybe these are the first!! This was actually my second attempt at these, the first lot weren't bad, not strawberry-ish enough for me...but these ones are awesome :)

Take one packet of Fox's Jam 'n Cream biscuits (makes about 10 pops) and put them in the blender till you get crumbs. Don't wonder if you have a few lumps, they just add to the yummyness.

In a separate bowl mix together a tablespoon of cream cheese and a tablespoon of strawberry jam and then add to your crumbs. Mix it up and you'll get a (sticky) dough. I put it in the fridge for a bit at this stage to make it easier to roll into balls.  Roll the dough into 'strawberry' shapes and put them back into the fridge.

I used white chocolate flavour covering and Sugerflair 'Christmas Red' paste to make the covering. To get your pops to stay on the stick, dip the stick into melted chocolate and then insert about halfway into the pop and let it set. 

I used a coffee mug to melt the covering in, just so it was deep enough to completely cover the pop when coating. If your chocolate is a bit thick, use shortening to thin it down for a smooth covering.

Having some Styrofoam to put them in to dry would be a help, I just borrowed some of Miss D's Play Doh. Luckily they dry really quickly.

The leaves are made from rolled fondant. I free handed them, having a cutter would save a lot of time. Use the pop stick to make a hole in the centre and  thread them onto the pops. Stick them in place with a little bit of melted chocolate (or fondant glue, if you've got all the frills).

At this point I thought they looked good but needed a little something more so I put some of the (now hard) chocolate into a sandwich bag, melted it again, cut the corner off and used it to pipe little 'seeds' onto the pops.

And there you have it Strawberry Shortbread Cookie Pops!!
Even Miss D approved and she's notoriously fussy about her sweets ;)

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