Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Aunty Barb's 'Chocolate Box'

My Aunty Barbs is one of Loryn Love's biggest fans so when she sends an idea, it get's done!  She'd seen some 'little cup cake balls displayed like a box of chocolates' in a magazine and decided she'd like to see me make a batch.   It's been in the back of my mind for a while and this weekend I decided it was time!  I'm a big fan of bite sized desserts that dinner guests can pick on as they like, rather than huge bowls of pudding that they feel obliged to eat.   We had friends round on Saturday night so it was the perfect excuse to try these out.

I'd been saving this egg tray that holds 25 eggs knowing I wanted to use it as my 'chocolate tray' box.  I sprayed the box with metallic spray paint so it looked slightly less egg tray-ish!  
 I used mini cupcake cases to line the tray and made the cake pop balls in the same way as usual.   I placed the balls into the tray and poured the melted chocolate over each one.   Usually I would coat the entire cake pop in the chocolate melt but it was somehow easier to do it this way; to just pipe the chocolate melt over each ball and let it slip down the sides to cover them.   

Once the chocolate melt dried, I used royal icing to pipe some patterns onto each one - nothing specific, just doodles.   I found some metallic edible icing paint which I used to paint onto the patterns once dried.  This was just my first go but imagine the possibilities!  I've got some Moroccan themed wedding cupcakes to make for September so this would be perfect for that!   I do need practice as it takes a very sturdy hand and a lot of patience!  

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  1. I love these, La. I'm going to try some for our weekend in the bush. xx