Sunday, 3 June 2012

Boldly British Layered Cake

Happy Jubilee Weekend Everyone!   I hope you've all had a good day and enjoyed the celebrations despite the weather!    
We've posted plenty of Beautifully British ideas over the past week so I think this last one will leave you with enough inspiration until the next event calls for some red and blue!  The Olympics perhaps?!

I made this layered sponge cake to take to a celebratory lunch at our friends' place today.  I used jam in between the layers, a refreshing change from sometimes-too-sweet buttercream icing. 

I just made the one cake and then cut it with a cake leveller - I used blackberry and strawberry jam so it looked red and blue when we sliced into it.  I covered the cake in a layer of jam to stop the crumbs from getting into the icing.    Just a spatula was used to spread the thick buttercream.  I then chucked on some red and blue fruit to the top and some grated white chocolate.  Deelish with a cuppa!  

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