Thursday, 7 June 2012

Fantasy Cake with Tie Dye Sponge

My gorgeous cousin has just had her 30th birthday and her party theme was ‘Fantasy’.  We had bubbles and glow sticks and guests went all out – there were unicorns, avatars, werewolves and superheroes and the birthday girl was an absolutely stunning mermaid!

The cake was one of those things that ended up looking completely different in real life to how it looked in my imagination!  A concoction of multicoloured sponge covered in butter cream icing, smothered in coloured sprinkles and some not-so-strategically placed cake pops sticking out the top!   

The tie dye sponge worked so well I'm going to share the secret of how to make it with you!  

1.  Make your sponge as you would normally.  Split the batter into 5 or 6 even amounts and add your food colouring as you - the brighter the better!
2.  Pour one colour (better to start with the darkest) into the baking tin but do not spread it as you would usually.

3.  Add each other colour into the middle of the previous one.  Each colour will spread out as you add the next one on top.
4.  Do the same thing until you've used all colours and the bottom layer should fill the tin.  The batter will spread when it's in the oven so don't worry if it doesn't quite fill the bottom.
5.  Bake the cake as normal and leave to cool.  The colours will always look dull from the outside but they're brighter inside.

6.  I sliced the cakes because I was too impatient to see how the inside had turned out!  But I also wanted to add a couple of layers of icing to make sure the cake wasn't too dry.
7.  I added a layer of butter cream to both cakes and one between the two of them. Then iced it completely white.
8.  The trick to covering a cake with sprinkles is to line your kitchen sink with cling wrap.  And then literally just chuck the sprinkles at the cake.   By the time I got to this stage it was past midnight and I was past sprinkle throwing so they're just on the horizontal layers and not on the sides as I'd hope to do.  Getting them on the sides requires patience that I didn't have so late on a school night.  But it's definitely do-able!

I mixed a few different variations of sprinkles, including tiny hearts and silver balls.

9.  The cake pops were made as usual (see here for instructions) and covered in white chocolate and the same sprinkles.   Tip: if you're going to do this, carry the cake pops separately and add them at the last minute (mine didn't all quite make it to the party still attached!) 

Here it is at the party - lit up by an ultra-violet light and glow stick bangles! 

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