Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Planes, Trains and (Pin)wheels Party: Part 2

I hope you enjoyed the taster of our Planes, Trains and (Pin)wheels party yesterday.  As promised here are the finer details...

As it was a breakfast party we provided some lovely pastries, yoghurt and scones home made by the birthday girl's mum.  We served pink and orange juices in glass bottles and strawberry yoghurt in tiny glasses.  A jar of clementines added to the colour scheme.  The orange plastic cutlery was displayed with pink napkins to look like those you get on flights.

I made orange and pink cardboard party hats and decorated with stamped planes and trains, felt, pipe cleaners and washi tape.  For sweets we had the main cake, orange and pink cupcakes topped with pin wheels.  I decorated my usual takeaway boxes to look like a train and guests were able to fill them with leftovers to take home.      

I saw this fabulous idea of chewing gum and polo aeroplanes on Posh Paperie's First Class Frankie Party.  In fact, I was inspired by this party for a few other ideas like the table plane bunting and the in-flight service cutlery.  Miss D's mum made some gorgeous train shaped cookies and her first attempt at flooded icing went very well, I'm sure you will agree.  

I'm a fan of a simple cake with an exciting centre.  In this case it was just a white iced sponge with orange and pink icing between layers.  I used pink foam board for the toppers.   

And there you have it.  I hope you like!    Take a look at our Project Party page to see more parties from Loryn loves.


  1. Absolutely fabulous! Dom must have been thrilled to bits. xx

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