Thursday, 14 June 2012

Quick & Easy Father's Day Ideas

I wish I lived in the same country as my dad so I could spoil him with silly things like these...  
Here's a quick round up of some easy ideas I've found online for those of you that have not yet organised yourselves!  

How cute is this scrabble picture I found on Bargain Hoot?!

Dad Rocks Paperweight
Super easy to do this little painted rock from Kaboose - you could even use nail varnish!

iDad card for SheKnows
I LOVE this iDad homemade card I found on Charlotte's Fancy! What a good idea - each 'app' has a little message written underneath.

Or what about these cute jars of chutney from right here on Loryn Loves!   I made these for Mother's day but in some manly colours they'd be spot on for Dad's Day!

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