Monday, 18 June 2012

Shabby Chic Icing Course

I wasn't sure this course was going to be worth the money I paid for it and I was regretting giving up my whole Saturday to do it, but oh my it was worth every penny and minute!  

 Yes, I iced these all by myself!  The cupcakes were baked by Cakeology.  

I did this course at Cakeology which happens to be down the road. The girls there have won numerous competitions and have the jumbo size cheques on the wall to prove it!  So I was in good hands with Fiona, queen of Icing Bliss and soon to be creator of her very own book! 
We started off with the details and spent the morning creating roses and bows. They were a lot simpler than I expected them to be and now I have the know how my brain is working overtime thinking of all the possibilities for future cakes. 
I learnt everything I need to know about the different types of icing & I now understand why my butterflies died overnight - they don't like to be put in the fridge!  
We spent some time making buttons from silicone moulds, the leaves and and some filler flowers using various cutters 
We spent the afternoon transforming our pile of decorations into these glorious cupcakes (I'm so proud!). We used little stamps and icing wheels to make the patterns and royal icing to attach the roses, buttons etc. 

And something I thought I wasn't really into has become my new favourite thing!   I have some 'mad scientist' cupcakes to work on for this weekend (watch this space) but then I'll be making roses till I'm blue in the face!  Please shout if you need something pretty for an upcoming event!  

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  1. Well done, La. They really are beautiful. xx