Thursday, 21 June 2012

Zoo Biscuits


Any South African worth their salt knows about Zoo Biscuits. remember the crunchy sugary goodness with the vague animal shapes on top. I'm on a bit of a cookie roll at the moment and thought these would be such fun to make.

I headed over to my cookie idol LilaLoa to try out her vanilla cookie recipe. I usually use her chocolate cookie recipe and it Rocks with a capital R!! But Zoo Biscuits aren't chocolate so vanilla it was.  Easy peasy, whip up a batch of cookies and cut them into shape. I used a wavy square cutter and then just cut a bit off the top to make them more oblong-y.

Once they were nice and cool I made some Royal Icing. I use 2 egg whites and a teaspoon of lemon juice, beat them together until a peak forms and then beat in icing sugar until you get your desired consistency. I used a 18 count for these. LilaLoa explains icing consistency beautifully and I'm not even going to begin to try, being such a beginner myself. I divided the icing into 3 different bowls and coloured them pink, green and blue and left some white to do the animal shapes later.

I flooded my cookies with colour and left them to dry overnight, then piped on some white animal shapes on top. And there you have it  ZOO BISCUITS!! 

Apologies for the terrible pictures, it's a combination of poor lighting and a temperamental camera :(

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