Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Cheeky Bum Cookies

Unfortunately I wasn't able to go to a friend's hen party this weekend so I sent her a box of these bum cookies to make sure she knew I was thinking of her.    The're easier than they look and and so much fun!   

I just used a heart shaped cookie cutter and cut off the point to get the bum shape.  I used icing of egg white and icing sugar which I put into a sandwich bag.  I prefer this to a regular icing bag which is a bit stiff and better for less delicate details.   Just poke the tiniest hole into the corner - no need for a nozzle.  

Do a few practice runs on a piece of paper, you can always draw some knickers onto the paper to use as a stencil until you feel comfortable enough to free hand them onto the cookies.  

And then let your imagination run wild!!  They look really cute when done in various colours of icing.  I used these little buttons I had left over from another project just to add some colour.  Enjoy!  

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