Monday, 2 July 2012

Lakeland Cake Pop Machine

I Hummed and Hawed over buying one of these, it was the hundreds of 5 star reviews that finally swayed me. So here is my new baby :) I LOVE it, it's so easy to use and providing you're not too distracted (by toddler antics) it turns out perfect cake pops EVERY time. YAY!

So I thought I would share some of the things I've been trying with my new baby. A few do's and don't's and things that make life just plain easy.

So here she is ready to go, the instructions say to oil between every batch...I've found there's no need for oil at all. I use a little plastic spoon to pop the balls out after 5 minutes and haven't had one stick yet. In fact I find myself cleaning excess oil off the machine between batches.

I use a piping bag to pipe the batter in, so much easier than trying to spoon it in. If you fill the bottom to the rim it makes perfect balls. It took me a couple of rounds to get the right amount in.

Mmmm, look at that cakey goodness. The Instructions include some recipes which make about 30 balls each, I've only used a couple but they are divine, so will be trying the others in time.

Here's a Don't...make sure the plates are lined up when you close it, it sometimes slips a little to the side and you end up with a kink in the middle of your pop :(  

There's also a doughnut recipe with the instructions, it's good...very good. I imagine they would be even better with jam injected in them. Unfortunately I don't have an attachment to do that...yet :) Now that I've tried doughnuts I'm wondering if I could use it to make Profiteroles....?

And finally this is what we were up to today - marbled cake pops. I used the vanilla recipe, halved it and put some cocoa in one half. I taped two piping bags together to get the swirl effect. I imagine it would be easier to put the two bags in another one, but me being me, those were my last two bags.

Having Cake Pops made without the frosting makes them much less sweet, which is, in my opinion, just GREAT. So all in all (I repeat myself here ) I LOVE my new cake pop machine from Lakeland. I wouldn't recommend it for mass production, but for hobbie bakers like myself it's perfect. And Miss D has had quite a ball helping me to decorate them too :)


  1. Hi
    i think profiteroles would be a great idea, but do you think it would work?

    1. I haven't got around to trying it yet. If you try it before we do, please let us know how it goes xx