Monday, 6 August 2012

Lime & Fuchsia Hen Party

This weekend we celebrated my cousin's upcoming wedding with amazing girly day out in Bath.   Before hitting the relaxing Therme Spa, we enjoyed a long boozy lunch at a sweet little restaurant called The Lime Lounge.  The service was great and the food superb!

After visiting the restaurant's website I realised that every wall in the place was lime so I had to incorporate it into our lunch decor.  I decided on a second colour of fuchsia as this hen is anything but dull!  The brighter the better! 

I made some really fun goody bags for the girls - a canvas bag and bikini bag (perfect for after the spa), courtesy of Beach Cafe.  I also included a 'train food' bag of sweeties, crisps and juice.  The party hostess added a mini bottle of pink champers that she had decorated with a hilarious picture of the husband-to-be. As well as some jewellery and other knick knacks, there was a mad-libs story for each girl to fill in which we later read out over lunch.  This is such a fun game and can be written to fit any theme or occasion.

For the restaurant decor I ordered some balloons in pink and green and had some hot pink napkins and coloured straws.  I had some heart shaped name tags left over from a friend's wedding which I brightened up with a little lime green ribbon.  

For favours I made cake push pops which sat in each lady's wine glass.  They were the perfect mouthful of sweet stuff for after our meal!

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