Thursday, 30 August 2012

Moroccan Cupcakes

We're off to a Moroccan themed wedding in Ibiza next week and I'm making the wedding cake - eek!! 

So I did a little colour-practice over the bank holiday.  The bride to be has asked for bright pink, purple and orange.  The colouring I use is gel and you need much less of it that regular liquid food colouring. The colours are really vivid too.

These are just vanilla cupcakes in silver foil cases. I find the cupcakes in foil cases take slightly longer to bake but only an extra minute or two.  I used butter cream icing and a star shaped tip to make the roses.
The rose is fairly easy to do... Instead of piping from the outside in, you start in the centre and work your way out. See here and here where I've done this before. And take a look at YouTube for some helpful demo's.

I used edible silver balls to match the silver cases and added a bit of edible rainbow glitter for extra wow!!

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