Sunday, 19 August 2012

Pizza Dip

This is my all time favourite starter, afternoon snack or pre-BBQ sharer.  Always a hit and even the fussy ones love it!  Super easy and perfect in winter as it's best served piping hot.  I usually make it to go with fresh French loaf or cracker but this weekend I tried something a little different (mainly because a bagel was all we had in the bread bin!) 

All you need for this delicious dip is cream cheese, mozzarella and a jar of spaghetti sauce.  You can make this as big or small as you need it to be.   This one was just a snack for hubby and I so made in a small ramekin dish of about 10cm.  

First thing is to smear a good amount of cream cheese in the bottom of the dish.  Next, a layer of grated mozzarella and then a dollop of spaghetti sauce (don't go overboard on this or it makes the dip too runny!).  Another layer of mozzarella and stick it in the oven for about 15 minutes on 200 degrees Celsius.

I sliced the bagel into small round 'coins'.   Bagel chips are an awesome snack in the States - sliced thinly in the same way and deep friend with garlic - deelish!   I just put mine under the grill to toast them a bit.  

And there you go!  Enjoy!  xx 

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