Monday, 10 September 2012

Moroccan Cupcake Tower

So I'm sure you all saw my last post on the Moroccan Rose Cupcakes.  As you know, they were a colour practice run for what would be my very first wedding cake - no pressure!!  This cake was our wedding gift to my cousin and her new hubby so it had to be perfect!!

The bride-to-be's request was a cupcake tower, Moroccan inspired and very colourful.  I think I succeeded and I'm so happy with the results - it really looked gorgeous on the day!

The cake consisted of 60 vanilla sponge cupcakes and a small chocolate cake for the bride and groom to cut.

I covered the cutting cake first in a crumb layer and then piped hundreds of 'stars' with a normal swirl nozzle.  I made the cupcake toppers in London and took them over with me tupperware marked FRAGILE just to remind my clumsy self what was in it!  the discs were made with florist icing and I hand 'drew' the Moroccan patterns with royal icing. I then painted each one with edible gold paint - no it is not possible to get gold icing (I wish!)

And that my friends is that. Im sure you will agree it was worth the time and effort, and I think the bride and groom really loved it!  Huge thanks to my precious sister-in-law who helped with the icing and washing up on the day!!   

Take a look at my other cupcake towers here and here.  And please email me if you would like info on your very own cupcake tower!   


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