Sunday, 30 September 2012

Polka Dot Vegan Chocolate Cake

This was my first attempt at covering a cake in fondant, I wasn't planning on blogging this, so please forgive the lack of pictures.

I made this for friends of mine who have various food allergies in the family so went with a vegan chocolate cake, just to make sure everybody could have a piece. It was so moist and delicious, I would make it again, even for non vegan friends.

I put the cakes, wrapped in cling film, in the freezer before I iced them which makes it easier to ice.  I used non dairy spread to make the butter cream icing, it didn't harden very much even in the fridge (I'm on the look out for a better vegan friendly icing).   And then it was time to attempt the fondant...

I don't think I did too badly, it's a wee bit lumpy and bumpy in places.  I could possibly have rolled it a bit thinner, but I love the polka dots. I discovered that gel and paste colouring is much better than liquid for colouring fondant, liquid colouring makes it a bit sticky.

It's been a while since I posted about my cake pop machine but someone asked about profiteroles now I'm thinking I might have to give it a go :)

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