Sunday, 16 September 2012

'Tache & Tiara Party

We celebrated my gorgeous hubby's 30th birthday this weekend with a 'Tache & Tiara party.  We wanted a subtle theme rather than a full on fancy dress party.   We had some amazing moustaches, including a few specially home grown for the occasion.     

The Northcote bar in Clapham has a private club room which was the perfect venue for a sit down dinner for 30 of Brad's closest friends.  The room itself has fabulous quirky decor so I didn't have to do much in the way of a colour scheme.  The room has massive windows surrounded by a patterned red and black wallpaper.  The room has some great highlights including a giant fork and spoon wall hanging and lime green water glasses.  

I ordered a few black balloons to go down the centre of the table and then stuck to decorating the table rather than the room.  I had a few pics of Brad at various ages (thanks to his mamma!) and used them to make a collage which I printed onto A4 paper and used as place mats.  I stamped some black napkins with a moustache or tiara and the favours doubled up as each guest's place setting.  The boys each received one of Brad's favourite giant cookies presented in a CD sleeve.  For the ladies I made some cute tiara charms that can be attached to a necklace/bracelet.  

Even the straws had moustaches.  And red lips for the ladies!  

The cake was a crazy grey moustache that I think resembled a hairy caterpillar more than a moustache!  I topped it off with a tiny tiara I made out of sugar icing.  I made some moustache shaped chocolates to surround the cake as the unusual shape left so much of the silver cake board bare.

I made a fun guest book with young photos of Brad and added a speech bubble to each.  The guests were asked to add a 'tache or tiara to the photo and fill the speech bubble - hilarious to read this morning! 


  1. Well done, La. I'm sure Brad appreciated all your hard work. xx

  2. You are just too talented, everything looks stunning, love it!!!