Monday, 15 October 2012

Flipboard - The Social Magazine App

This has got to be one of the greatest apps invented!

Flipboard is basically your own personal online magazine that gives you the best articles from the day relating  to your preselected areas of interest.  For example, I've chosen things like events, weddings, baking, crafts, fashion and news headlines.  Each day I get to flip through articles relevant to my own interests, every page is dedicated to one of my chosen topics and no pages wasted on boring articles!

You can choose from websites, magazines and newspapers already linked to Flipboard or include your Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook feeds so that everything you need on your tube journey to work is all in one place; compacted into your very own personalized magazine.  You can read from the 'Cover Stories' which shows you the most popular articles from your selected topics or you can go into each category separately.

And the best part is that its absolutely free!   Here's a few screen shots from my own Flipboard to get you interested!   Highly recommended!

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