Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Numbers & Letters 4th Birthday Party

This weekend I had the pleasure of styling a 4th birthday for a super talented young man who is mad about numbers and letters!  His only request was that he had a chocolate cake with smarties on it -  the rest was up for discussion.

I decided to go with rainbow colours - there's a lot of rainbow parties online at the moment and it's obvious why - to walk into a room filled with that much colour is going to put even the grumpiest of us in the mood for a party!!

I started with a basic white table cloth with yellow overlays.  A simple bunting of numbers and letters hung along the front of the table.  For my backdrop I used two boards covered in red gift wrap decorated with some foam numbers and letters from The Range (the greatest place on earth behind Disney World). I used the same foam numbers and letters to make the cupcake toppers.  

We went with blue cutlery & green plates from Party Delights, alphabet napkins from Tiger and alphabet paper cups from Oliver Bonas.  I displayed the cutlery in three tins covered in coloured paper and decorated with the same design as the juice boxes and party packs.  

The party pack boxes also came from Party Delights, as did the yummy sweets and bubbles that filled them.  the party packs made up part of the decor with their fab colours and were perfect to tie the balloons to.  

The party mamma had made an awesome piñata - definitely something I want to try (watch this space)!
I had made some little bags of sweets with big numbers which we hid around the house for the kids to find.  We also had a pass the parcel game where each layer revealed a new prize or pack of sweets.  

This party was my first foray into face painting and I think went pretty well. Not so easy to get the kids to sit still or stop them from scratching their faces when itchy!!

Please get in touch if you'd like more information on kids birthday parties.  lorynlovesthis(at)gmail(dot)com


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