Thursday, 22 November 2012

My Week in Pictures - Australia

My last ‘Week in Pictures’ post was so popular that I've been wanting to do another one for a while now. And what better week to do it than this one.  Hubby and I have been lucky enough to spend the last ten days in magnificent Perth visiting my brother and sister-in-law.  Oh what a place!  Super clean, super friendly and super sunny!  We really weren't ready to leave!  The only good thing is that Melbourne was our next stop.  We've been here for just 24 hours and we’re already in love with it!  Different to Perth in so many ways – very arty, uber trendy and a complete mix of nationalities.  We've done the city and spent time exploring the suburbs and the Docklands.  We've got a tour right round the city booked for tomorrow and then sadly it will be back to London tomorrow night.  Here is a collection of piccies from our travels…

This photo was taken one evening in Perth when we took my brother’s dog down to the beach for a run and for us to watch the sunset. 

This Boab tree was in the Botanic Gardens in King’s Park, one of the biggest city parks in the world.  As you can see it’s a close relative of the African baobab tree that we all know an love.  How pretty is this with the Perth skyline in the background!

We spent last Sunday in the Swan Valley, a fantastic wine region just outside of Perth.   The Jacaranda’s were in full bloom – this stunning tree was in the garden of the pub we stopped at for lunch.

We visited this very cool restaurant overlooking City Beach on our last night in Perth.  The chandeliers were right up my alley!  They’re massive red industrial type fittings with gorgeous fabric draped from the ‘arms’.

 This was our first view of Melbourne city skyline on our drive from the airport – so exciting!

This stunning picture is taken from the Eureka Skydeck, the 88th floor of the tallest building in Australia.  Breathtaking views and a helpful view of the city and river! 

Federation Square is Melbourne’s meeting place.  An amphitheatre, deck chairs to watch the sunset and plenty of trendy bars and restaurants make up this very cool area of Melbourne city. 

This is just a pretty picture – nothing too interesting, a ferris wheel being built in the Docklands area of Melbourne.

This sculpture is in the Docklands and is called Cow in Tree.  It’s inspired by a violent flood which swept cattle into trees in rural Victoria.  

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  1. So beautiful. Glad you've had such a good time. xx