Thursday, 20 December 2012

Cupcake Icing Class

This was so much fun!    A friend of mine hosted a cup cake decorating class in her kitchen for her and four girlfriends and me as the teacher!  Although the degree of difficulty for cupcake icing is not very high, the girls had so many 'ah, that makes so much sense' moments which means it was definitely worth it!  

This is just a fun class with some quick and easy tips on piping bags, nozzles and butter cream icing techniques.  These are all things that are really easy once you've been shown how to do them.    How many of you have bought all the gadgets, iced one batch of cupcakes and shoved the kit back in the cupboard?!   Well, that's what this class is for - we'll have you icing like a pro in just a couple of hours. 

Please get in touch if you would like to arrange an icing class.  The class is for beginners and lasts approx two hours depending on how many tea breaks we need!  You'll learn the basics of piping bags, different nozzle techniques and decorative toppings.  The price is $35 a head for up to six people.  Each person goes home with a box of six decorated cupcakes and a wealth of useful information! 

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