Saturday, 5 January 2013

Teddy Bear's Picnic Baby Shower

If you went down to the woods today... you would have seen one of the best baby showers ever!  What a lovely day with great girls and a very special mum-to-be.  

At the time of deciding on a party theme, the nursery details hadn't been confirmed but it was a toss up between Winne the Pooh and Peter Rabbit.  So we decided to go with a more general idea and came up with a Teddy Bear's Picnic.  

I was put in charge of decor which, as you know, make me very happy!  Below are some pics and details of a lovely afternoon...  

I laid the table to look like a picnic blanket on the grass - you can't see properly in any of these pics but there is grass printed wrapping paper on the side of the table underneath the red and white gingham table cloth.  A little bunting along the front of the table to tie all the colours together - greens, red, orange and blues.

The kite on the wall is a wooden frame and there is wire through the rope so we were able to shape it.  We borrowed some teddy bears from the kids of the house we held the party at and just displayed them inside two hamper looking baskets.  A few balloons to help with the colour scheme.                  

Each guest left with a favour - a bag of jelly bears served in a cupcake case.  They also took home a 'building block' filled with leftover cupcakes and sweet stuff!  A friend of the mum-to-be's made some gorgeous teddy bear cupcakes. I packaged the cutlery to look a bit more 'picnic-y' using the same printed card used throughout the party decor.  

I decorated a glass jar with an 'About to Pop' sign which we filled with popcorn - always a good party snack!  The napkins I had were boring white so to bring them to life I stamped a teddy bear on each.  One of the party hostesses made this gorgeous teddy cake - the topper was a ceramic bear and keepsake for mum-to-be.  And of course regular water bottle labels are no good so made my own - little teddy bear logos with 'Baby Pio' on the teddy bears' tummies.      

What a lovely day!! 


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