Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My Week in Pictures

This is more like two weeks in pictures.   I've been so busy that I just haven't had a minute to get a blog post done.   2013 is proving to be a very exciting year for us so far!  

Hubby and I are expecting a baby in August!   We were finally able to let everyone know after we had our scan.   What an amazing experience!   I think until then I thought the whole thing might be in my imagination - but there really is a baby in my tummy!! We're so so excited!   Here's one of the piccies of our little darling - that is NOT its nose!   He/she was such a wriggler that it was hard to get a picture without its arms waving about! 

Hubby has to travel to Singapore and Australia for work (ahead of our big move to Melbourne) so I've come to South Africa to hang out with my folks for a few weeks.   My morning sickness has finally come to an end and I'm in my element in the sunshine and being spoilt rotten by Mom and Dad.  Last weekend we had the scariest thunder storm I've ever experienced.  The neighbour's electric fence was ticking all night and we assumed it was a branch that had fallen onto it during the night.   On closer inspection, this is what we found!   A brown snake almost a meter long!     

Mom says she's not creative at all but when she puts her mind to it, she has a great imagination!  I took her to an icing class - for mother daughter bonding and also to see what new things I could learn.   The patchwork is what I was really interested in and its turned out really well.   Very pleased with the result!  For those of you in the Durban area, I really recommend this course with Marina of Tea, Cake & Create.  She's based in Winston Park.   

This Saturday we had a ladies tea party at the house.   We had loads of aunties, family friends and old school friends round for tea, cake and jewellery!   I brought my Stella and Dot samples over with me and had a bit of a sample sale with pieces at half price!    See my Stella and Dot tab on the home page if you would like anything.  Mom made an amazing hummingbird (not the famous bakery) cake - its made with bananas, pecan nuts and pineapple amongst other things - absolutely delicious.  I then iced it with cream cheese icing rose swirls.   The cake went down very well!!

Later in the afternoon I was surprised with a mini baby shower!  My aunties and friends had all brought gifts for Baby F and we even had a baby shower cake with a baby bottle in the middle.  We were absolutely spoilt rotten!   We got so much stuff, its starting to feel very real now that this time next year we'll have a six month old!  

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