Monday, 18 March 2013

Vintage Shelf of Pot Plants

I've spent the last few weeks in South Africa hanging out with my folks.  Hubby's been travelling for work so I went to spend some time with them before our big move to Melbourne.  It was wonderful to be their baby for once last time before I have my own!  This project was a thank you to my parents for putting up with me for so long and for spoiling me rotten!  

The shelf unit belonged to my dad's father.   I'm not sure how old it is but we think its probably from the 50's.  It wasn't being used for anything exciting so I decided to give it a chance at a new life.  First thing was to give it a good scrub!   

Mom and I had been doing some de-cluttering in the kitchen and she had a few bits of crockery that she was willing to part with.   I found some other pots and the fab lily tea cup (on the top shelf) in the Mr Price Home clearance section.

I hit the local nursery in search of some pot plants that didn't need too much attention from mom.  Considering the shelf would be undercover outside, the plants needed to be happy in the shade.  The guy at the nursery suggested a selection of cactus plants.  Perfect for mom considering they only need to be watered once a month!  

And that was the hard work done, all I needed to do was replant the cacti into the crockery, display them in a pretty way and there you go!  I found these cute 'home' blocks to top it all off and now mom has a pretty view out the kitchen door instead of just the ugly wall! 


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