Tuesday, 16 April 2013

My week in Pictures: Move to Melbourne

It's been a while, I'm sorry!!  Things have been a little cray cray over the past few months.  After packing up our London flat in January, I've been between South Africa with my folks and Guildford with Brad's.  And now we're in Melbourne - still in limbo in temporary accommodation but we've got a house to move into in May.  Unfortunately there still wont be any crafting until June as our container of goodies is 'running late'.  I'm pretty sure this is the norm though.  So until I can get my craft on again, you're going to have to put up with fewer blog posts.  And those I do will be more like pretty pictures and ideas from others than my own hard work!

So for now, here a few snaps from our first week in Melbs...

It started with an extremely long journey from UK to Melbourne, via Singapore.   Not that comfortable being twenty weeks preggers but it did have it's perks.  I received lots of smiles, we got waved through a few queues and I got to go to the loo when the seat belt light was on (only after I threatened to wee in my seat).  But the frequency of loo visits is a major downside,  as are the awful pressure stockings my doctor insisted I wear - ugh!! Ugly and oh so uncomfortable!  Anyway, we got here in one piece and oh what a good decision we made... 

This is the view from our balcony taken just this afternoon.  The sun is shining but the wind is howling... the kite boarders are out in full force.  
We've got a little studio flat in St Kilda which as you can see is very near the beach.  It's been great as the weather's still warm enough for us to enjoy.  It's getting chilly in the evenings though so autumn is definitely on the way.  

I've been going for walks every morning - trying to keep off some of the inevitable baby fat. This is the view I enjoyed along the way.  It's so much easier to be active in this climate.  This winter in London was just too much for me and I became extremely lazy!  Hopefully this will be the start of an active and healthy lifestyle!  I'll report back to you when I'm in the throws of Melbourne winters which are known for reaching single figures! 

The trams which seemed a novelty to start with have become part of everyday life.  They don't run as often as the tubes in London but they are bang on time, every time which has been a pleasure!  

And just a little tummy update at 21 and a bit weeks.   She's moving around like a crazy lady; especially when I drink tea or coffee and when I'm having a conversation with someone.  But most of the time she just sleeps - hopefully a sign of whats to come when she's born!!  

If you're interested in reading more about what we've been up to in Melbourne then please take a look at our blog/diary over here.   

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